The Thursday before last were seemingly a portion of Bitcoin’s most exceedingly awful days ever; the crypto resource saw a 40% misfortune, which was the second-biggest rate breakdown in BTC esteem in a day, second just to the Mt. Gox emergency. Even under the least favorable conditions, the cryptographic money was down half in a solitary 24-hour time frame, tumbling from $7,700 to as low as $3,800.

Obviously, numerous dealers were gotten off guard during this move, so to state, with crypto trade BitMEX revealing that about $1 billion worth of Bitcoin positions (dominant part long positions) were sold right now lower.

”This capitulation honestly feels like Bitcoin’s drop in December 2018; hundreds of millions were liquidated, people are calling for $1,000 once again, etc. The thing is, there’s now a high risk of recession, something our favorite orange coin hasn’t been through.”
Nick Chong (@_Nick_Chong) March 12, 2020

This has left many wondering — what pushed the crypto market so far lower? And, more importantly, what comes next?

Why Did Crypto Crash? 

Per a blog post written by Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, CEO of the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance, it had much to do with panic-selling and a rush to the door by investors across the world, who were seeking liquidity above all else:

“The proportion of each type of investor in the market is unknown to anyone. It changes over time too. Their relative strength or conviction to sell/buy is dynamic too. When the stock market crashes hard, more people will feel the cash crunch to a higher degree and, hence, a stronger conviction to sell crypto in the short term as well.”

Bitcoin To Soon Be On the Mend

Despite the fact that the liquidity gives that caused Bitcoin and digital forms of money to drift lower as per CZ could continue, there are signs that the crypto resource will be recuperating for a long time to come. To be specific, there are central signs that show BTC is beginning to stray from money related markets, demonstrating quality because of its attributes and its generally uncorrelated nature.

For example, Su Zhu of Three Arrows Capital, commented that Bitcoin could before long surmount its new record-breaking high. Regarding why he figures such touchy development can occur in such a short measure of time, Su looked to the way that few developing markets are “now evaluating in noteworthy danger of sovereign defaults.” Su Zhu included that with the U.S. dollar set on a course for expansion “it will be difficult to turn around from,” which has been authenticated by patterns in the security showcase.

This is in theory the moment Bitcoiners have been waiting for

Several EM mkts are now pricing in significant risk of sovereign defaults

USD itself set on an inflationary course it will be hard to turn back from

If $BTC mkt holds these lvls, 50K relatively quickly is possible

— Su Zhu (@zhusu) March 18, 2020

All this gives the decentralized and disinflationary Bitcoin a chance to shine.

Furthermore, Hunter Horsley, CEO of Bitwise Asset Management, sees the following reasons why BTC and the rest of the crypto-asset market could soon outperform equities:

  • Bitcoin has started to decouple from traditional markets, proving that it may act as a safe haven in the ongoing crisis.
  • 72% of Coinbase clients are buying BTC, per data from the company itself.
  • The Bitcoin block reward halving is 50 days away.
  • Billions of dollars will soon enter this market “when levered longs return.”
  • Central banks have printed trillions worth of dollars to stimulate the economy, setting the stage for inflation that may benefit cryptocurrency.

source: newsbtc

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